Paul Marcon will represent France during Bocuse d’or Europe on 19th of march in Trondheim (Norway)

Paul Marcon will be representing France at the Bocuse d'Or Europe on the 19th of March in Trondheim (Norway), with his commis Camille Pigot who’ll be by his side in the…

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Worldwide top 5 and feed the kids menu prize, the story continues with the performance of Naïs Pirollet

The French team at the Bocuse d'Or continues to make history.

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Équipe de Davy Tissot Bocuse d'Or

Introducing the French Team of Bocuse d’Or

Chef Davy Tissot who will represent France at Bocuse d’Or Europe in September 2020 has announced the composition of his team, that will be enriched according to the…

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Soutien Davy Tissot

First supporting lunch of the French Team for Davy Tissot

For the second year running, Tocquicimes, the mountain culinary festival, renewed its support to Bocuse d’Or Team France by welcoming an exclusive lunch, orchestrated by…

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Davy Tissot remporte la Bocuse d'Or

Congratulations to Davy Tissot who wins Bocuse d’Or France 2019

A fascinating edition with unmatched level! During the two days of the competition, 8 candidates seconded by their commis exceled in order to win the title.

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8 candidats France

The 8 candidates for Bocuse d’Or France revealed

Bocuse d’Or France is the first step of a fascinating human adventure where the laureate will have to demonstrate exceptional creativity, strong mindset and physical…

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Serge Vieira Bocuse d'Or 2005

Serge Vieira, new President of Bocuse d’Or Team France

Serge Vieira, Bocuse d’Or Winner 2005, two Michelin star, takes over the Team France Presidency from François Adamski, Corporate chef at Servair. A new face to revised…

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