The French team at the Bocuse d'Or continues to make history.

1 December 2023

Originally from Briançon, Naïs Pirollet graduated from the Institut Paul Bocuse in 2017, where she finished top of her class. She started working at the Saisons application restaurant and then continued her career with Michelin-starred chef David Toutain in Paris for two years. In 2020, Naïs joined Team France in the race for the 2021 Bocuse d’Or. She took part in recipe research and development alongside chef Davy Tissot. It was a unique and rewarding experience that inspired her to embark on her own adventure! Naïs Pirollet is the first woman to represent France at the Bocuse d’Or. Alongside her commis Cole Millard and her coach Edouard Loubet, she won the prize for the best Feed the kids menu at the Bocuse d’Or 2023 finale, finishing in the top 5! Our youth is our future.