Serge Vieira, Bocuse d’Or Winner 2005, two Michelin star, takes over the Team France Presidency from François Adamski, Corporate chef at Servair. A new face to revised support to the French candidate to Bocuse d’Or, who will be designated on the 24th September.

13 April 2019

In 2005, Serge Vieira is 27 when he achieved the first step of the podium of Bocuse d’Or in Lyon. Back then, he’s second at Régis Marcon and only participated to two competitions – Jean Botio Auvergne-Québec in 1997 and the National Competition of Artistic Cuisine in 2004, which opened him the door of the gastronomic competition imagined by Paul Bocuse. At the time, Team France didn’t exist. Surrounded by few specialists, Serge Vieira trains and get sponsors by himself. He owes his victory to his personal commitment but also the one from his team, relatives and friends.

15 years later, the Chef hasn’t lost his energy. With his wife Marie-Aude, they manage two properties: Restaurant Serge Vieira, Two Michelin star, and the hotel-restaurant Sodade. He also continues the adventures of competitions, by coaching international chefs. From Germany to Australia, Spain and Hungary, several Bocuse d’Or Candidates benefited from his advices. He’s regularly solicited as jury in national selection of countries that will participate to the competition. He’s also been President of Bocuse d’Or Europe in Hungary in 2016.

Serge Vieira is now Team France President and will encourage the French candidate to fully enjoy and blossom throughout the competition. His creativity, talent and personality will be the base of his success. The Team, through its expert’s members, will come as support to manage financial implications, optimize training and manage the communication.