Davy Tissot remporte la Bocuse d'Or

Congratulations to Davy Tissot who wins Bocuse d’Or France 2019

A fascinating edition with unmatched level! During the two days of the competition, 8 candidates seconded by their commis exceled in order to win the title.

17 September 2019

To represent France isn’t a light affair. To participate to the competition, the laureate of Bocuse d’Or France will have to accept to put on hold his professional and personal life for over a year.

A entire period dedicated to rigorous training during which physical and mental intensity are similar to the most demanding sport competitions.
To optimize his preparation, Davy Tissot can count on Team France support, under Serge Vieira presidency, which will have at heart to support him to ensure France reaches the podium of Bocuse d’Or Europe in September 2020.

The two recipes created by Davy Tissot:
Tray test: Rabbit saddle and thighs with carabineros, slowly roasted, verbena and citrus from Menton jus: legs and chest candied with the jus, citrus chutney.
Vegetal garnish, roots pickles, fine Granny Smith apples jelly and liquid candy of new carrots, spelled popcorn, fleur de sel.
Garnish rabbit giblets, inland forest mushrooms, cabbage with rabbit giblets, mashed wild berries.

Plate test: Small artichokes poivrades fried in cocotte, fine acidic vinegar jelly Cesare Gicconne, light cream of artichokes Castel, shredded hazelnuts from Piemont, Ceps Matignon, Granny apples and artichokes, cream emulsion of artichokes.

Photo credits Julien Bouvier