Équipe de Davy Tissot Bocuse d'Or

Introducing the French Team of Bocuse d’Or

Chef Davy Tissot who will represent France at Bocuse d’Or Europe in September 2020 has announced the composition of his team, that will be enriched according to the evolving needs.

7 November 2019

For the intensive training that are ahead of Davy Tissot, he has requested the support of four chefs with very different experiences, which will provide him with complementary expertise.
Jean Sulpice, 2 Michelin star chef from Auberge du Père Bise in Talloires, will be his official coach, together with Alain Le Cossec and Fabrice Prochasson (coach 2013), both Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, and Thibaut Ruggeri (Bocuse d’Or 2013 and chef at Abbaye de Fontevraud), Nicolas Grüner also joins the team as Commis. Important support to share, exchange and build together this history.

“Bocuse d’Or contest is a lot more than a competition. It’s a human and collective adventure. I made the choice to surround myself with chefs from different background with whom I share the same values. I would like to thank Jean Sulpice for accepting to become my official coach and to support me in this challenge. We share the same taste for effort and perseverance as well as competitive mindset linked to strong team spirit. We also share the same passion for sport who teaches to never give up and brings balance, mindset and enjoyment. Chefs Alain Le Cossec, Fabrice Prochasson and Thibaut Ruggeri are also by my side to carry high and strong the colours of French gastronomy. I thank them as well for their engagement. Their experience and know-how are essential assets to succeed. We never win alone. Our strength is out complementarity.
Davy Tissot, candidate to Bocuse d’Or Europe

Soutien Davy Tissot

First supporting lunch of the French Team for Davy Tissot

First lunch to support Team France in honor of Davy Tissot, laureate of Bocuse d’Or France 2019, during Tocquicimes in Megève.

25 October 2019

For the second year running, Tocquicimes, the mountain culinary festival, renewed its support to Bocuse d’Or Team France by welcoming an exclusive lunch, orchestrated by an exceptional brigade.

– Emmanuel Renaut – President of Tocquicimes – Flocons de Sel – Megève – MOF 2004 – 3 Michelin star – 5 Gault&Millau toques
– Guillaume Gomez – Godfather of honor 2019 – Head Chef of the kitchens of French Republic Presidency – MOF 2004
– Joseph Viola, Restaurant Daniel & Denise – Lyon – MOF 2004 – 2 Gault&Millau toques – Member of “Toques Blanches Lyonnaises”
– Franck Reynaud, Hostellerie du Pas de l’Ours – Crans Montana – Switzerland – 1 Michelin star and 4 Gault&Millau toques (International godfather)
– Serge Vieira, Restaurant Serge Vieira – Chaudes Aigues – President of Team France – Bocuse d’Or 2005, 2 Michelin star and 3 Gault&Millau toques
– Philippe Rigollot, MOF 2007, Pastry World champion – Annecy

A festive and convivial moment around cuisine from mountain and local products, animated by some of the best chefs in the most gourmand village of the Alps: Megève
All the profits of the meal will be given to Team France Bocuse d’

Davy Tissot remporte la Bocuse d'Or

Congratulations to Davy Tissot who wins Bocuse d’Or France 2019

A fascinating edition with unmatched level! During the two days of the competition, 8 candidates seconded by their commis exceled in order to win the title.

17 September 2019

To represent France isn’t a light affair. To participate to the competition, the laureate of Bocuse d’Or France will have to accept to put on hold his professional and personal life for over a year.

A entire period dedicated to rigorous training during which physical and mental intensity are similar to the most demanding sport competitions.
To optimize his preparation, Davy Tissot can count on Team France support, under Serge Vieira presidency, which will have at heart to support him to ensure France reaches the podium of Bocuse d’Or Europe in September 2020.

The two recipes created by Davy Tissot:
Tray test: Rabbit saddle and thighs with carabineros, slowly roasted, verbena and citrus from Menton jus: legs and chest candied with the jus, citrus chutney.
Vegetal garnish, roots pickles, fine Granny Smith apples jelly and liquid candy of new carrots, spelled popcorn, fleur de sel.
Garnish rabbit giblets, inland forest mushrooms, cabbage with rabbit giblets, mashed wild berries.

Plate test: Small artichokes poivrades fried in cocotte, fine acidic vinegar jelly Cesare Gicconne, light cream of artichokes Castel, shredded hazelnuts from Piemont, Ceps Matignon, Granny apples and artichokes, cream emulsion of artichokes.

Photo credits Julien Bouvier

8 candidats France

The 8 candidates for Bocuse d’Or France revealed

Bocuse d’Or France is the first step of a fascinating human adventure where the laureate will have to demonstrate exceptional creativity, strong mindset and physical conditions as well as flawless concentration.

19 June 2019

At Maison de la Mutualité in Paris, the 8 chefs will have to give their best during the five hours of the competition. Amongst them only one will be designated to represent France:

– John Argaud – Le Meurice –Paris (75)
– Gregory Borkowski – Grand Parc du Puy-Du-Fou, Pays de la Loire – Les Epesses (85)
– Guillaume Galy – Ecole Lenôtre –Plaisir (78)
– Julien Guénée -Automobile Club de France – La Wantzenau (67)
– Romain Masset –Régis et Jacques Marcon –Saint-Bonnet-Le-Froid (43)
– Tom Meyer –Maison Pic –Valence (26)
– Davy Tissot – Restaurant Saisons by Davy Tissot – Ecully (69)

All the best and see you on the 23 and 24 September 2019 in Paris

Serge Vieira Bocuse d'Or 2005

Serge Vieira, new President of Bocuse d’Or Team France

Serge Vieira, Bocuse d’Or Winner 2005, two Michelin star, takes over the Team France Presidency from François Adamski, Corporate chef at Servair. A new face to revised support to the French candidate to Bocuse d’Or, who will be designated on the 24th September.

13 April 2019

In 2005, Serge Vieira is 27 when he achieved the first step of the podium of Bocuse d’Or in Lyon. Back then, he’s second at Régis Marcon and only participated to two competitions – Jean Botio Auvergne-Québec in 1997 and the National Competition of Artistic Cuisine in 2004, which opened him the door of the gastronomic competition imagined by Paul Bocuse. At the time, Team France didn’t exist. Surrounded by few specialists, Serge Vieira trains and get sponsors by himself. He owes his victory to his personal commitment but also the one from his team, relatives and friends.

15 years later, the Chef hasn’t lost his energy. With his wife Marie-Aude, they manage two properties: Restaurant Serge Vieira, Two Michelin star, and the hotel-restaurant Sodade. He also continues the adventures of competitions, by coaching international chefs. From Germany to Australia, Spain and Hungary, several Bocuse d’Or Candidates benefited from his advices. He’s regularly solicited as jury in national selection of countries that will participate to the competition. He’s also been President of Bocuse d’Or Europe in Hungary in 2016.

Serge Vieira is now Team France President and will encourage the French candidate to fully enjoy and blossom throughout the competition. His creativity, talent and personality will be the base of his success. The Team, through its expert’s members, will come as support to manage financial implications, optimize training and manage the communication.