Coup de pates

Today, French cuisine is one of the symbols of our country, of its ability to generate excellent people, products and ideas. We are a benchmark that the world is watching, wanting to emulate and promote. Our collaboration with the Bocuse d’Or France team is very important for Coup de pates.
It symbolises our participation in promoting French cuisine and its fantastic chefs. We are present in many foreign countries, and everywhere we go we proudly fly the flag, which also features in our logo. It’s also a fantastic human adventure at the heart of gastronomy and the culinary professions that we’ve been supporting every day for over 30 years.
Supporting the Bocuse d’Or Team France is always a journey that we experience intensely with our teams. It allows us to bring meaning to our work. We take advantage of the high points of the French selection, in Europe and during the Bocuse d’OR World Final at Sirha in Lyon, to create a shared motivation.
Our values of passion, excellence and proximity fit perfectly with the spirit of TEAM France and the image we are developing. Taking part in this super bowl of world cuisine and following the precise movements of our chefs during training sessions or competitions gives us and our customers the chance to share some very exciting moments together.